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" Because I am not the type of
person someone falls in love with. "
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Anonymous asked: hey i hope you know that by screenshotting your friend's photos and putting them on twitter youre infringing on his privacy and being negligent of your responsibilities as his facebook friend to keep his private things private. maybe you dont care right now but what youre doing isnt right at all and i hope you consider deleting those photos from your twitter. thanks.

Dude he’s in an idol group (Their song was digital only though, no mv, hence why no one on my Twitter seemed to know him sadly. I am also not explaining why we’re friends on FB) so calm your shiz. He has posted those photos on several media sites too. EVERY picture I posted is not only on his Facebook, but instagram & Twitter (followed by fans). I chose not to actually link his FB because I know how fangirls can get, but I wanted to gain fans for him & his group. Also, I’m not deleting anything.  


Daehyun obnoxiously shouting Youngjae’s name.

Dad: What are you looking at in the screen?
Me: Korean men that have been gloriously hand-crafted by God and sent to Earth to improve my eyesight.



Daehyun And Me CHU??? ^3^

Oh I saw what you did there, Dae. REAL SMOOTH


Blank Stare Kaoani